Saturday, April 29, 2017

Search the Web and Plant Trees!

Long story short, I had problems with my Chrome, this happens when you let other people use your laptop/computer and stick their virus ridden USB to your com's port.  Lesson learned!  While (at that time) I still haven't really purged my Chrome with it's unwanted pop-ups , virus and malware, I downloaded Vivaldi. Vivialdi is a newer web browser almost similar to Chrome and Safari. It's also highly customizable, clean and easy to use.  I usually use Vivaldi as an alternate web browser especially when I'm checking several gmail accounts. 

Moving on, today as I log in to Vivaldi I was overjoyed to learn about ECOSIA.

What is ECOSIA?
Ecosia is greener search engine alternative for those who are eco-conscious.

So how does a search engine plant trees?
  1. Use Ecosia to search and surf the web.
  2. Those searches will then be translated into ad revenues.
  3. 80% of those ad revenues will then be donated by Ecosia to support tree planting programs around the world.
  4. Those trees would then be planted in the world's most environmentally threatened areas. 

To learn more watch the video below or visit ECOSIA

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