Thursday, April 27, 2017

CHANGE : Blogger to Wordpress and vice versa

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For the longest time now, I wanted to export my blog from Blogger to Wordpress though I still plan to continue my blog here (at my old address).  I just felt that I need to use Wordpress as my initial blog address, these are my reasons why...


  1. I'm starting to realize that I need a portfolio website, so why not make a 2-in-1 site... And I have envisioned this fab Gregielaine site. But here's the thing I'm not that great in customizing Blogger, however I do know some tricks for customizing Wordpress.
  2. I feel that Wordpress is also more flexible and would suite a lot better for my future endeavors than Blogspot. Like I know in the near future I would love to sell some stuff.
  3. I also love the flexibility of Wordpress, I can place a blog - text blog/journal/diary - or a blog gallery or vlog all together in one place -- not so sure how well Blogger can provide for a multi-medium, super flexible site.
  4. Plus my Google Adsence stopped -- paused -- halt -- (idk what's the best word to use) when I made my third party domain. 

I feel that this change would be super refreshing since I have my blog here since 2010 (?) and I wanted to up my blog since I started to attend blogger events ...but like I said I would not be shutting my blogger down. I would be reposting from here to there and there to here. 

It would be an evolution, a metamorphosis in a sense, for me.

Change is good especially if it's for positivity and growth.

-- I'm so sleepy right now that I'm not making any sense anymore --


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