Saturday, April 29, 2017

Search the Web and Plant Trees!

Long story short, I had problems with my Chrome, this happens when you let other people use your laptop/computer and stick their virus ridden USB to your com's port.  Lesson learned!  While (at that time) I still haven't really purged my Chrome with it's unwanted pop-ups , virus and malware, I downloaded Vivaldi. Vivialdi is a newer web browser almost similar to Chrome and Safari. It's also highly customizable, clean and easy to use.  I usually use Vivaldi as an alternate web browser especially when I'm checking several gmail accounts. 

Moving on, today as I log in to Vivaldi I was overjoyed to learn about ECOSIA.

What is ECOSIA?
Ecosia is greener search engine alternative for those who are eco-conscious.

So how does a search engine plant trees?
  1. Use Ecosia to search and surf the web.
  2. Those searches will then be translated into ad revenues.
  3. 80% of those ad revenues will then be donated by Ecosia to support tree planting programs around the world.
  4. Those trees would then be planted in the world's most environmentally threatened areas. 

To learn more watch the video below or visit ECOSIA

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

CHANGE : Blogger to Wordpress and vice versa

Background Painting from Elise Blaha Typepad.


For the longest time now, I wanted to export my blog from Blogger to Wordpress though I still plan to continue my blog here (at my old address).  I just felt that I need to use Wordpress as my initial blog address, these are my reasons why...


  1. I'm starting to realize that I need a portfolio website, so why not make a 2-in-1 site... And I have envisioned this fab Gregielaine site. But here's the thing I'm not that great in customizing Blogger, however I do know some tricks for customizing Wordpress.
  2. I feel that Wordpress is also more flexible and would suite a lot better for my future endeavors than Blogspot. Like I know in the near future I would love to sell some stuff.
  3. I also love the flexibility of Wordpress, I can place a blog - text blog/journal/diary - or a blog gallery or vlog all together in one place -- not so sure how well Blogger can provide for a multi-medium, super flexible site.
  4. Plus my Google Adsence stopped -- paused -- halt -- (idk what's the best word to use) when I made my third party domain. 

I feel that this change would be super refreshing since I have my blog here since 2010 (?) and I wanted to up my blog since I started to attend blogger events ...but like I said I would not be shutting my blogger down. I would be reposting from here to there and there to here. 

It would be an evolution, a metamorphosis in a sense, for me.

Change is good especially if it's for positivity and growth.

-- I'm so sleepy right now that I'm not making any sense anymore --

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mobile Prefix Number in the Philippines

Had it happen to you that you're using an all text promo for a specific network and you were left stumped which prefix number is for what network? I always get confused especially now that there are tons of prefixes networks are pushing out because of the rise of demand. I made a list of mobile number prefixes bellow with it's corresponding network. This is very useful for those who often subscribe to unlimited text or call services and for confused people like me.
















 0999 (old UMobile Prefix)











I will be updating this list from time to time, depending on the information I can get my hands on. If there are any inaccuracies, please let me know through  the comments section.