Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Diary to Japan 2016 : Multiple Entry Visa

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I just received a wonderful news today, finally, my Japan Visa was approved! Since this is my second time to be traveling to Japan -- kinda traveling to Japan annually starting last year -- my Visa was upgraded to MULTIPLE ENTRY.

Now wait for a second, it doesn't mean that you have to travel annually to get a multiple-entry visa. It just means that the first time you would be traveling to Japan you visa would most probably for a single entry.

However, when you renew for your second trip *hallellu*
Multiple Entry Visa!
Good for 5 years!
Photo from Pixabay

So what are the PERKS of having multiple-entry visa?
To start with, you wouldn't have to go through all the grueling task of renewing a visa. From gathering all your documents from school/work/bank, getting a more or less "legit" itinerary, and going to the traveling agency to pass all the requirements (I dread this part coz my travel agent's office is quite far from my place).
Second, you wouldn't have this fear of getting rejected -- your Japan Visa that is! You can just book your ticket and hotel with a breeze!
Third, anytime you feel like going to Japan, everything would be a lot simple and fast. Just pack and go!

So what are you waiting for? Let's go and have and go on an adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun!

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