Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Diary to Japan 2016 : Multiple Entry Visa

Photo from Pixabay

I just received a wonderful news today, finally, my Japan Visa was approved! Since this is my second time to be traveling to Japan -- kinda traveling to Japan annually starting last year -- my Visa was upgraded to MULTIPLE ENTRY.

Now wait for a second, it doesn't mean that you have to travel annually to get a multiple-entry visa. It just means that the first time you would be traveling to Japan you visa would most probably for a single entry.

However, when you renew for your second trip *hallellu*
Multiple Entry Visa!
Good for 5 years!
Photo from Pixabay

So what are the PERKS of having multiple-entry visa?
To start with, you wouldn't have to go through all the grueling task of renewing a visa. From gathering all your documents from school/work/bank, getting a more or less "legit" itinerary, and going to the traveling agency to pass all the requirements (I dread this part coz my travel agent's office is quite far from my place).
Second, you wouldn't have this fear of getting rejected -- your Japan Visa that is! You can just book your ticket and hotel with a breeze!
Third, anytime you feel like going to Japan, everything would be a lot simple and fast. Just pack and go!

So what are you waiting for? Let's go and have and go on an adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun!

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Diary to Japan 2016 : Cheap ticket or Better flight time?

I'm in this dilema , should I buy ticket now or no... 

Yes, Yes, Yes, 
I know nasabi ko sa post ko before na dapat meron munang visa bago bumili ng flight ticket. Pero pamahal na ng pamahal ang ticket teh! Hindi na natin carry sa mahal At dahil to sa palapit ng palapit na departure date... Huhuhu! 

These past few days I checked Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines for their ticket price and *poof* 'Day if you have to know, nasa 25k and above ang presyo ng ticket... O db nganga! 😭😭😭 Good luck naman sa mahal! And because I didn't immediately took the risk... No choice ako ateng, I have to get the expensive ticket!!! But wait, eto na ba ang aking savior??? Ang kasagutan sa aking sumasakit at malapit nang mabutas na bulsa??? TRAVEL EXPO 2016 at SM AURA -- June 4 (Saturday) to 5 (Sunday). And if you ask me, eto na ang aking chance to get a better priced ticket!!! 

And there i went, 8am palang gumising na ako and sakto 9am lumarga na dahil saktong 10am naka pila na ako sa SMX Aura para lang bumili ng isang flight papuntang Japan! O db scheduled until the last second!!! 
*excited much?! How about exagge much?!?!
No joke, that was my running schedule earlier today just to get the *dramatic light from above, shines downgolden ticket. 
Eto nga lang, yes you will get the ticket price of your dreams... I got round trip ticket to Haneda (mas expensive yung Haneda airport than Narita) for only 20k (pwede mo pa bayaran ng installment when using your BDO card... Yun nga lang hindi 0%). 

Here's the set back, horrible horrible horrible (oo, dapat tatlong beses sabihin ang horrible para feel na feel) naman ang flight schedule! Tipong ang departure from Manila eh 6:55 PM ang arrival is at 11:55 PM sa Tokyo. Pabalik naman is 3:00pm ang departure from Tokyo and arrival sa Manila is around 8:00pm. San ka pa, hindi mo talaga nasulit ang travel, but like they say... Beggars can't be choosers.

So in total because I had my ticket paid in installment (6mos), I purchased a round trip ticket to Japan for 21k.
*Not bad my padawan*
Let us just pray that the Japanese embassy would renew my visa.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oh Happy Day

Oh happiness!
Sabi na nga ba pagsusubok lang to ni Lord! LoL
I have good neeeews.. 💕
I got my hard drive baasack! 
Someone left it with our beautiful secretary at school!!! Kung sino ka man chalamats ng madamiii!!!
And of course, thank you din sa aming beautiful secretaries for keeping it safe while i went insane looking for it.
Mahal na mahal ko twlga kayo... Pramis! 😂
So the next news is after all the wait I applied to renew my Japan Visa, earlier today.
Sa wakas ready na yung COE (Certificate Of Employment) ko. 💕💕💕

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lost and Not Found

Dont Panic
It's technically the first day of the month and here I am losing things here and there.  First, I thought I lost my car keys... After doing a little scavenger hunt in my ever trusty school bag, i finally found them -- at the darkest and deepest corner in my bag. I traveled far and wide para lang mahanap yung susi. I battled ravaging beasts like the space eating bag trashing clan of tissues, the hideous blotting viper pens, the paper-cut inducing wolvarine business cards and the idiot-eating tech monkeys. Plus a few other fauna and flora that should remain unnamed... Second, I misplaced my school ID but this time I wasn't panic-strickened since I also did remember that I left them in the car. Hehe! The worst is my hard drive. I was in such a hurry to exit school that I totally forgot to check if I have kept my Hard drive with me. I was so worried I can't even sleep... *sigh* already called some students if they found it or not... All replied negative. Can't help but panic, since all their grades and lessons are in there.... Hoping hard to find my hard drive tomorrow....