Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Master of Procrastinating

I'll make this quite short coz I'm so laaazy... I have a problem. I haven't finished grading my student's works...  *gaaaaah*
Nothing to do here
Anyway, I'm soo sleeeeepy... Haven't slept well recently, so many things to do so little time.  I usually sleep around 1am or 2am making documents, designs or presentations. Even my off days are never really an "off day", you know what I'm saying...  So now i feel like sloth... Not just any sloth...
Super lazy

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Diary to Japan 2016 : How did this happen?

I love to travel, who doesn't?
Getting lost (figuratively speaking) in new places, finding something new, eating fabulous food and learning new culture as well. 

This year for my local trip I've went to Puerto Princessa, Palwan (which I will write about in another entry).  For this entry and several entries after I would be writing about my unplanned trip...

Boyfie an I talked earlier today and we were pushing back and forth who will go to Japan.
At first I graciously folded to stay, since I have work to do and classes to attend.
However he was telling me that I should either go to Japan to attend to our international partner's event alone and he will stay here to handle our business (I know this is really boring you -- fast forward) .... after a few more going backs and forths we settled on both of us going, but I will be leaving Japan (oh Japan) earlier than him. *sad*

So this week I would have to gather all the things I need to finally renew my Japan Visa.

So here is a question for you...
Did you buy your ticket na? Why do I have a feeling that you did!
Ah kasi PISO FARE... Excited much lang???
You should know that PISO FAREs are non-refundable so it's highly discouraged to buy ticket first before knowing if your visa would be approved or not.
Pero dahil andyan na, push na to teh!

Here's my amazing list of (joke lang, walang amazing sa list na to -- list lang siya) things you would be needing for either getting or renewing your Japan visa.
*blink* *blink*
Hello Kitty Sakura tea cup --
la lang pang echos lang

1. Download, print and fill out the application form.
2. Do get 1 or 2 copies of (specific) Japan visa photo -- when I took my Japan visa the first time I was asked for 2 copies, but when I renewed  it I only gave one.
3. For working peeps like me, do request for your ITR (Income Tax Return) and COE (Certificate of Employment), these are to validate that you wouldn't go "TNT" or something... These documents sometimes takes 3 working days to be processed so you should request a lot earlier!
4.) Have your bank statement/s ready (I used singular and plural coz, I requested from 2 different banks where I have accounts just to be sure.)
5.) Make an itinerary -- from the time you hop off the plane to the time you hope back on.
6.) Last is make sure you also research where you would be staying, especially since travel agency where you will pass your application do ask -- that is if you will go thru the travel agency route for visa approval. Either that or you may also directly go to the Japan Embassy.
7.) Don't forget your birth cert or NSO birth cert, xerox copy lang. 

8.) For married peeps, please make a copy of your marriage certificate.

9.) Lastly, there might be some requirements that I have forgotten to post here... please do check  www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp  for the complete list!

Anyway, I just requested our HR for a copy of my ITR and COE.
As expected I was told to wait for 3 working days... *heehee* 
Till then! ^_^