Monday, April 25, 2016

A Noble Profession

I never wanted to be a teacher -- a professor to be exact. 

Why would I want to when I never did like school, kinasusuklaman ko nga dati magaral, i too failed classes, i got bullied back in high school and as i grew older i know that i do not have patience nor understanding that is limitless. Ang alam ko wala akong pupuntahan with teaching as a profession. Walang growth, mababa ang sweldo and long hours pa ang trabaho with matching take home work. 

But I started to realize that what a noble profession it is to teach. That you start to learn and understand different types of people with different types of difficulties.  You learn to be patient with students with different pace and different mind sets.You start to listen to stories happy or sad m, bitter or angry. You learn to nurture each and every individual from different walks of life. You learn to do more in depth researches and deep dives from written literature and on internet contexts. Mas madali and mabilis ka palang matuto makibagay sa mga tao

From my mind set before that is full of first person words like ME, I, MYSELF and MINE. Now my mind is full of third person words such as WE and US. Having a teaching profession gave me a clearer vision of the future a better perception, a broader horizon and depth of field. I learned to look at things from a specific individual to a general cluster.  

I am thankful I became a professor and yes, hindi ko kinahihiya na isa akong college professor dahil ito ay isang marangal na trabaho na nakakabuti ng buhay ng nakakarami!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Morning Rush

Earlier today, while driving myself to school, I was listening to this radio program -- which I frequent to whenever I have an early schedule. I love this specific program because they tend to see the lighter side of things and make the ever horrendous Manila traffic more pleasant.

What stuck to me with their day's topic was this . . .  What you like about your special someone when you are still dating, would most likely be the one you would hate the most when you are already in the long run of your relationship. Is this true? I started thinking and regressing, about my current relationship to my past relationships... And I can't help but connect it to our countries current events... ELECTION!

Why elections?
Well it's only a month to go till we vote for our prefered candidates. And everyone is advertising either in the telly, radio or on social media.

Looking back, most of the candidates elected have this certain charm or charisma which we first found amusing or quirky, but eventually that same behavior became an ire to the mass.

Like when people voted and made an (former) action star to a president. First it was fun watching his antics. People started making and cracking srupid jokes about him since he was clearly stumped with things. Anyway we all know how it ended. He got caught doing illegal things (which is quite normal with wayward actor/actress) and got impeached. Then after a few years was re-ellected as Mayor.

Fun isn't it!

And yet we, Filipinos, still haven't learned from our past mistakes. I solemly hope that who ever wins would listen to people. 

"Bayan bago sarilli!"

What is your takes in this?