Friday, March 18, 2016


screen capture from the movie "HENERAL LUNA", edited by me


FOR the past few days I'm starting to remiss my duties. I asked my friend to sub for me in school, I cancelled on this blog event at Valkyrie club, and today not only was I not able to go to class but also was not able to attend Google Women's tech coz I got home around 3:30am this morning...


There is always the cause hence the effect... My cause here is REALLY a CAUSE that could make Philippines a better place to live in or it could turn out to worse... And I'm hoping that everything would go to the right path, to the right way and eventually ends in victory. So that all our hardships, sleepless nights, grueling think tanks, buwis-buhay moves, and etc would not go to waste...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Daenerys the Queen of Purrs - Part1

I have a (short haired) Turkish Angora cat named Daenerys -- Daeny for short. She's white from head to tail, with small dainty paws, pink nose and pads and long tail. She also has big blue eyes -- which made us think that she's deaf (*according to different cat sites, cat's with both blue eyes tend to be deaf plus the fact that she doesn't react to loud noises unlike other cats*). 

This is my first time to have a cat -- so I'm no expert but I think that it's pretty weird that every time she communicates she actually shouts. Yep! You read it right she meow's of top of her lungs -- she never meowed softly like other cats.

Aww! She looks like a stuff toy <3

Daeny is quite complex, she regularly wants human attention and interaction. We started having problems with her since we can not leave her alone in the house, unlike other pets that doesn't really mind. We tend to get complaints from neighbors that our cat kept on wailing when we weren't around, and sometimes boarder line creepy since she sounded like she was "talking" to "someone" when no one is actually in the house with her.

We try to bring her along with us, to most of our trips. You'll feel that she's very happy since she will jump around like there's no tomorrow, exploring all the crooks and cranny of the place. But she is very territorial. She tends to get into fights with other cats in the area. 

She really is a little Princess!

Daeny and her big collar at Tagaytay 2015

Saturday, March 12, 2016

National Breakfast Day 2016!


I might have and I might also NOT have shared this before, but I'm not a morning person. I also don't do breakfast . . . normally, but this MONDAY, MARCH 14 (2016) will be an exception to the rule! 

Whenever we travel, we start our day with a McDonald's breakfast. I either order the rice meal or the Happy Meal Pancakes or simple breakfast sandwich, which is also one of their best seller. But mostly I order the Happy Meal Pancakes ('coz of the 2 mini pancakes . . . oh for crying out loud, OKAY it's for the TOY!!! LoL) or the Egg McMuffin and of course, the unli-coffee which my dad and my boyfie loves (not me, don't really drink coffee . . . :D )

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I find McDonald's Egg Mcmuffin filling. For someone who doesn't really eat breakfast normally, I don't think I can handle a big heavy breakfast, unless I starved myself the night before . . . which rarely happens. 
With their soft plump bun that hugs the creamy luscious sunny side up egg with melt-in-your-mouth cheese. The saltiness of the cheese creates a perfect harmony with the sweet bun and tasty egg. 

Ohm-nom-nom! I'm making myself hungrrrrryyyy!

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FREE McMuffin???
YES! This is not a drill!
Let's get real, we all know how important a good breakfast really is, but we always have those little reasons why we don't eat our breakfast. That's where the National Breakfast Day of McDonald's comes in.
McDonald's have been hosting NATIONAL BREAKFAST DAY since 2013 and they have successfully launched their campaign every year since. This year McDonald's would celebrate it's 4th National Breakfast Day, promoting the need for a healthy and hearty breakfast (to people like me). It is also their way of thanking, us, their customers for their patronage.

  1. Come as early as you can, the line starts at 6am and ends till 7am. 
  2. One (1) coupon would be given per person who lines up
  3. Only one (1) McMuffin can be claimed per person
  4. Only one (1) coupon can be redeemed per transaction
  5. NO coupon, NO FREE MCMUFFIN 
Click here for the participating McDonald's branches

So what are you waiting for? 
Save the date! Turn up those alarm clocks!
And get your piping hot McMuffins on MONDAY!

Don't forget your #NationalBreakfastDay
Twit: @McDo_Ph
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reason For Selling (RFS) NO MONEY

I'm currently having a bit of financial problems and I'm not ashamed to say it out loud, since most of us do once in a while. Today after most of my task were done, I tried to look around for stuff that I can sell online.

One of those is this World of Warcraft (WoW): Cataclysm expansion pack that I have never opened. It was a Christmas gift but since I stopped playing, never had the chance to actually open it. It even has it's original price... You can see from the photos below...

I'm selling it for only PHP1,000.00 (negotiable till Php 800.00)


I'm also sending my LEICA V-LUX 3 for only PHP30,000.00 (negotiable till PHP25,000).
Almost brand new, only slightly used,
NO scratches or bumps or dents
and I think it even has a lense/UV filter attached.
The swivel screen also has a screen protector.
Also it came with a free case.
Batteries, manuals / cd, connectors, battery charger -- all included!
The only downside  SF card and strap is not included, but it's very cheap, you can get it even in CD-R King.

For more information about it's specs please check