Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lets help ADZU

Yesterday afternoon a fire broke out of the old Ateneo De Zamboanga University (ADZU) building, and affected the following other buildings:
* Brebeuf Gymnasium
* The College of Law
* The Sauras Cafeteria
* The College building
* parts of Senior High School building
* El Consejo Atenista
* other offices
* and ADZU University Band

For those who wants to help through cash donation,
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2111-000-142

Please email your deposit slips to to Father Karel at

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Diary to Japan 2016 : Multiple Entry Visa

Photo from Pixabay

I just received a wonderful news today, finally, my Japan Visa was approved! Since this is my second time to be traveling to Japan -- kinda traveling to Japan annually starting last year -- my Visa was upgraded to MULTIPLE ENTRY.

Now wait for a second, it doesn't mean that you have to travel annually to get a multiple-entry visa. It just means that the first time you would be traveling to Japan you visa would most probably for a single entry.

However, when you renew for your second trip *hallellu*
Multiple Entry Visa!
Good for 5 years!
Photo from Pixabay

So what are the PERKS of having multiple-entry visa?
To start with, you wouldn't have to go through all the grueling task of renewing a visa. From gathering all your documents from school/work/bank, getting a more or less "legit" itinerary, and going to the traveling agency to pass all the requirements (I dread this part coz my travel agent's office is quite far from my place).
Second, you wouldn't have this fear of getting rejected -- your Japan Visa that is! You can just book your ticket and hotel with a breeze!
Third, anytime you feel like going to Japan, everything would be a lot simple and fast. Just pack and go!

So what are you waiting for? Let's go and have and go on an adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun!

Photo from Pixabay

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Diary to Japan 2016 : Cheap ticket or Better flight time?

I'm in this dilema , should I buy ticket now or no... 

Yes, Yes, Yes, 
I know nasabi ko sa post ko before na dapat meron munang visa bago bumili ng flight ticket. Pero pamahal na ng pamahal ang ticket teh! Hindi na natin carry sa mahal At dahil to sa palapit ng palapit na departure date... Huhuhu! 

These past few days I checked Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines for their ticket price and *poof* 'Day if you have to know, nasa 25k and above ang presyo ng ticket... O db nganga! 😭😭😭 Good luck naman sa mahal! And because I didn't immediately took the risk... No choice ako ateng, I have to get the expensive ticket!!! But wait, eto na ba ang aking savior??? Ang kasagutan sa aking sumasakit at malapit nang mabutas na bulsa??? TRAVEL EXPO 2016 at SM AURA -- June 4 (Saturday) to 5 (Sunday). And if you ask me, eto na ang aking chance to get a better priced ticket!!! 

And there i went, 8am palang gumising na ako and sakto 9am lumarga na dahil saktong 10am naka pila na ako sa SMX Aura para lang bumili ng isang flight papuntang Japan! O db scheduled until the last second!!! 
*excited much?! How about exagge much?!?!
No joke, that was my running schedule earlier today just to get the *dramatic light from above, shines downgolden ticket. 
Eto nga lang, yes you will get the ticket price of your dreams... I got round trip ticket to Haneda (mas expensive yung Haneda airport than Narita) for only 20k (pwede mo pa bayaran ng installment when using your BDO card... Yun nga lang hindi 0%). 

Here's the set back, horrible horrible horrible (oo, dapat tatlong beses sabihin ang horrible para feel na feel) naman ang flight schedule! Tipong ang departure from Manila eh 6:55 PM ang arrival is at 11:55 PM sa Tokyo. Pabalik naman is 3:00pm ang departure from Tokyo and arrival sa Manila is around 8:00pm. San ka pa, hindi mo talaga nasulit ang travel, but like they say... Beggars can't be choosers.

So in total because I had my ticket paid in installment (6mos), I purchased a round trip ticket to Japan for 21k.
*Not bad my padawan*
Let us just pray that the Japanese embassy would renew my visa.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oh Happy Day

Oh happiness!
Sabi na nga ba pagsusubok lang to ni Lord! LoL
I have good neeeews.. 💕
I got my hard drive baasack! 
Someone left it with our beautiful secretary at school!!! Kung sino ka man chalamats ng madamiii!!!
And of course, thank you din sa aming beautiful secretaries for keeping it safe while i went insane looking for it.
Mahal na mahal ko twlga kayo... Pramis! 😂
So the next news is after all the wait I applied to renew my Japan Visa, earlier today.
Sa wakas ready na yung COE (Certificate Of Employment) ko. 💕💕💕

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lost and Not Found

Dont Panic
It's technically the first day of the month and here I am losing things here and there.  First, I thought I lost my car keys... After doing a little scavenger hunt in my ever trusty school bag, i finally found them -- at the darkest and deepest corner in my bag. I traveled far and wide para lang mahanap yung susi. I battled ravaging beasts like the space eating bag trashing clan of tissues, the hideous blotting viper pens, the paper-cut inducing wolvarine business cards and the idiot-eating tech monkeys. Plus a few other fauna and flora that should remain unnamed... Second, I misplaced my school ID but this time I wasn't panic-strickened since I also did remember that I left them in the car. Hehe! The worst is my hard drive. I was in such a hurry to exit school that I totally forgot to check if I have kept my Hard drive with me. I was so worried I can't even sleep... *sigh* already called some students if they found it or not... All replied negative. Can't help but panic, since all their grades and lessons are in there.... Hoping hard to find my hard drive tomorrow....

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Master of Procrastinating

I'll make this quite short coz I'm so laaazy... I have a problem. I haven't finished grading my student's works...  *gaaaaah*
Nothing to do here
Anyway, I'm soo sleeeeepy... Haven't slept well recently, so many things to do so little time.  I usually sleep around 1am or 2am making documents, designs or presentations. Even my off days are never really an "off day", you know what I'm saying...  So now i feel like sloth... Not just any sloth...
Super lazy

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Diary to Japan 2016 : How did this happen?

I love to travel, who doesn't?
Getting lost (figuratively speaking) in new places, finding something new, eating fabulous food and learning new culture as well. 

This year for my local trip I've went to Puerto Princessa, Palwan (which I will write about in another entry).  For this entry and several entries after I would be writing about my unplanned trip...

Boyfie an I talked earlier today and we were pushing back and forth who will go to Japan.
At first I graciously folded to stay, since I have work to do and classes to attend.
However he was telling me that I should either go to Japan to attend to our international partner's event alone and he will stay here to handle our business (I know this is really boring you -- fast forward) .... after a few more going backs and forths we settled on both of us going, but I will be leaving Japan (oh Japan) earlier than him. *sad*

So this week I would have to gather all the things I need to finally renew my Japan Visa.

So here is a question for you...
Did you buy your ticket na? Why do I have a feeling that you did!
Ah kasi PISO FARE... Excited much lang???
You should know that PISO FAREs are non-refundable so it's highly discouraged to buy ticket first before knowing if your visa would be approved or not.
Pero dahil andyan na, push na to teh!

Here's my amazing list of (joke lang, walang amazing sa list na to -- list lang siya) things you would be needing for either getting or renewing your Japan visa.
*blink* *blink*
Hello Kitty Sakura tea cup --
la lang pang echos lang

1. Download, print and fill out the application form.
2. Do get 1 or 2 copies of (specific) Japan visa photo -- when I took my Japan visa the first time I was asked for 2 copies, but when I renewed  it I only gave one.
3. For working peeps like me, do request for your ITR (Income Tax Return) and COE (Certificate of Employment), these are to validate that you wouldn't go "TNT" or something... These documents sometimes takes 3 working days to be processed so you should request a lot earlier!
4.) Have your bank statement/s ready (I used singular and plural coz, I requested from 2 different banks where I have accounts just to be sure.)
5.) Make an itinerary -- from the time you hop off the plane to the time you hope back on.
6.) Last is make sure you also research where you would be staying, especially since travel agency where you will pass your application do ask -- that is if you will go thru the travel agency route for visa approval. Either that or you may also directly go to the Japan Embassy.
7.) Don't forget your birth cert or NSO birth cert, xerox copy lang. 

8.) For married peeps, please make a copy of your marriage certificate.

9.) Lastly, there might be some requirements that I have forgotten to post here... please do check  for the complete list!

Anyway, I just requested our HR for a copy of my ITR and COE.
As expected I was told to wait for 3 working days... *heehee* 
Till then! ^_^

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Noble Profession

I never wanted to be a teacher -- a professor to be exact. 

Why would I want to when I never did like school, kinasusuklaman ko nga dati magaral, i too failed classes, i got bullied back in high school and as i grew older i know that i do not have patience nor understanding that is limitless. Ang alam ko wala akong pupuntahan with teaching as a profession. Walang growth, mababa ang sweldo and long hours pa ang trabaho with matching take home work. 

But I started to realize that what a noble profession it is to teach. That you start to learn and understand different types of people with different types of difficulties.  You learn to be patient with students with different pace and different mind sets.You start to listen to stories happy or sad m, bitter or angry. You learn to nurture each and every individual from different walks of life. You learn to do more in depth researches and deep dives from written literature and on internet contexts. Mas madali and mabilis ka palang matuto makibagay sa mga tao

From my mind set before that is full of first person words like ME, I, MYSELF and MINE. Now my mind is full of third person words such as WE and US. Having a teaching profession gave me a clearer vision of the future a better perception, a broader horizon and depth of field. I learned to look at things from a specific individual to a general cluster.  

I am thankful I became a professor and yes, hindi ko kinahihiya na isa akong college professor dahil ito ay isang marangal na trabaho na nakakabuti ng buhay ng nakakarami!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Morning Rush

Earlier today, while driving myself to school, I was listening to this radio program -- which I frequent to whenever I have an early schedule. I love this specific program because they tend to see the lighter side of things and make the ever horrendous Manila traffic more pleasant.

What stuck to me with their day's topic was this . . .  What you like about your special someone when you are still dating, would most likely be the one you would hate the most when you are already in the long run of your relationship. Is this true? I started thinking and regressing, about my current relationship to my past relationships... And I can't help but connect it to our countries current events... ELECTION!

Why elections?
Well it's only a month to go till we vote for our prefered candidates. And everyone is advertising either in the telly, radio or on social media.

Looking back, most of the candidates elected have this certain charm or charisma which we first found amusing or quirky, but eventually that same behavior became an ire to the mass.

Like when people voted and made an (former) action star to a president. First it was fun watching his antics. People started making and cracking srupid jokes about him since he was clearly stumped with things. Anyway we all know how it ended. He got caught doing illegal things (which is quite normal with wayward actor/actress) and got impeached. Then after a few years was re-ellected as Mayor.

Fun isn't it!

And yet we, Filipinos, still haven't learned from our past mistakes. I solemly hope that who ever wins would listen to people. 

"Bayan bago sarilli!"

What is your takes in this?

Friday, March 18, 2016


screen capture from the movie "HENERAL LUNA", edited by me


FOR the past few days I'm starting to remiss my duties. I asked my friend to sub for me in school, I cancelled on this blog event at Valkyrie club, and today not only was I not able to go to class but also was not able to attend Google Women's tech coz I got home around 3:30am this morning...


There is always the cause hence the effect... My cause here is REALLY a CAUSE that could make Philippines a better place to live in or it could turn out to worse... And I'm hoping that everything would go to the right path, to the right way and eventually ends in victory. So that all our hardships, sleepless nights, grueling think tanks, buwis-buhay moves, and etc would not go to waste...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Daenerys the Queen of Purrs - Part1

I have a (short haired) Turkish Angora cat named Daenerys -- Daeny for short. She's white from head to tail, with small dainty paws, pink nose and pads and long tail. She also has big blue eyes -- which made us think that she's deaf (*according to different cat sites, cat's with both blue eyes tend to be deaf plus the fact that she doesn't react to loud noises unlike other cats*). 

This is my first time to have a cat -- so I'm no expert but I think that it's pretty weird that every time she communicates she actually shouts. Yep! You read it right she meow's of top of her lungs -- she never meowed softly like other cats.

Aww! She looks like a stuff toy <3

Daeny is quite complex, she regularly wants human attention and interaction. We started having problems with her since we can not leave her alone in the house, unlike other pets that doesn't really mind. We tend to get complaints from neighbors that our cat kept on wailing when we weren't around, and sometimes boarder line creepy since she sounded like she was "talking" to "someone" when no one is actually in the house with her.

We try to bring her along with us, to most of our trips. You'll feel that she's very happy since she will jump around like there's no tomorrow, exploring all the crooks and cranny of the place. But she is very territorial. She tends to get into fights with other cats in the area. 

She really is a little Princess!

Daeny and her big collar at Tagaytay 2015

Saturday, March 12, 2016

National Breakfast Day 2016!


I might have and I might also NOT have shared this before, but I'm not a morning person. I also don't do breakfast . . . normally, but this MONDAY, MARCH 14 (2016) will be an exception to the rule! 

Whenever we travel, we start our day with a McDonald's breakfast. I either order the rice meal or the Happy Meal Pancakes or simple breakfast sandwich, which is also one of their best seller. But mostly I order the Happy Meal Pancakes ('coz of the 2 mini pancakes . . . oh for crying out loud, OKAY it's for the TOY!!! LoL) or the Egg McMuffin and of course, the unli-coffee which my dad and my boyfie loves (not me, don't really drink coffee . . . :D )

Photo courtesy from

I find McDonald's Egg Mcmuffin filling. For someone who doesn't really eat breakfast normally, I don't think I can handle a big heavy breakfast, unless I starved myself the night before . . . which rarely happens. 
With their soft plump bun that hugs the creamy luscious sunny side up egg with melt-in-your-mouth cheese. The saltiness of the cheese creates a perfect harmony with the sweet bun and tasty egg. 

Ohm-nom-nom! I'm making myself hungrrrrryyyy!

Photo courtesy from

FREE McMuffin???
YES! This is not a drill!
Let's get real, we all know how important a good breakfast really is, but we always have those little reasons why we don't eat our breakfast. That's where the National Breakfast Day of McDonald's comes in.
McDonald's have been hosting NATIONAL BREAKFAST DAY since 2013 and they have successfully launched their campaign every year since. This year McDonald's would celebrate it's 4th National Breakfast Day, promoting the need for a healthy and hearty breakfast (to people like me). It is also their way of thanking, us, their customers for their patronage.

  1. Come as early as you can, the line starts at 6am and ends till 7am. 
  2. One (1) coupon would be given per person who lines up
  3. Only one (1) McMuffin can be claimed per person
  4. Only one (1) coupon can be redeemed per transaction
  5. NO coupon, NO FREE MCMUFFIN 
Click here for the participating McDonald's branches

So what are you waiting for? 
Save the date! Turn up those alarm clocks!
And get your piping hot McMuffins on MONDAY!

Don't forget your #NationalBreakfastDay
Twit: @McDo_Ph
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*First photo courtesy from

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reason For Selling (RFS) NO MONEY

I'm currently having a bit of financial problems and I'm not ashamed to say it out loud, since most of us do once in a while. Today after most of my task were done, I tried to look around for stuff that I can sell online.

One of those is this World of Warcraft (WoW): Cataclysm expansion pack that I have never opened. It was a Christmas gift but since I stopped playing, never had the chance to actually open it. It even has it's original price... You can see from the photos below...

I'm selling it for only PHP1,000.00 (negotiable till Php 800.00)


I'm also sending my LEICA V-LUX 3 for only PHP30,000.00 (negotiable till PHP25,000).
Almost brand new, only slightly used,
NO scratches or bumps or dents
and I think it even has a lense/UV filter attached.
The swivel screen also has a screen protector.
Also it came with a free case.
Batteries, manuals / cd, connectors, battery charger -- all included!
The only downside  SF card and strap is not included, but it's very cheap, you can get it even in CD-R King.

For more information about it's specs please check