Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 Christmas

So very happy and glad to write you from the Summer Capital Baguio City, Philippines. The net is very slow since we do not exactly have internet cable. I am only using mobile internet. But still I am very much trying my hardest to update my blog.

So what's new?

First time we brought our dog , Divine (a French Bulldog) here in Baguio.
We think that she might be preggy... *cross fingers*
Divine is turning 5 years old and she may or may not have puppies anymore... though she is very excited to have some...

Just got home from a long walk...

For today we went to our favorite (well because it is also the nearest) Supreme Hotel to pass time. They decorated very posh this year!

Silver and White Santa and Reindeers

A White Christmas!

We also had a great time hanging out at the Future Diner, a cafe located at Supreme Hotel's ground floor.
Supreme Hotel is located at Bokawkan Road, Bagui City, Benguet

That's all for now!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Empty on the Gas

I just realize I've been here at Blogger for how long. I'm once again getting bored with my blog plus I feel that it's too all over the place...

I don't exactly have the expertise in sorting this out (fully customizing my Blogger) nor the patience to sort my stuff out. 

Right now I feel like this road...

Nway now that's all out of the bag, I'm reverting my blog to it's old ways without the "oh hello" , "foodie" and etc title. It was a little bit an act of cray cray on my part when I started placing those in my title. After sometime, reading and rechecking, evaluating and editing... I started getting zonked by them. Soooo I'm just going to drop them out.

Yay for me!
Been a blogger since 2012

Also, though I rarely write anything anymore, I still have my ads about!
Means that some way -- somehow my blog still getting hitsss!
Love yah peeps!

Doing my entry via my phone btw. I don't open my laptop often when I get home from work. Rather just check some stuff over the phone, talk to the family and watch tv with them than open my laptop...

I wish the emoticons I've been placing after every topic in this entry would come put when I publish this...

So much things to rant and share, oh so little time!